Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Transparent and Electronic Documentation....


One example, and I will build from it;

Say right now, today we have attorneys who are good; but know one knows their name. They are NOT "in" with any machine or Cliqua, they possess a very little financial warchest but they possess an integrity of a Champion Defender and a record (pedigree) to prove it.

WATT if the track record of each attorney was electronically accessible?

After all, it is their "WORK PRODUCT" and OUR Public Information.

The support is very unspoken?

I wonder why?

The Transcripts could be transmitted to the web as the trials are over.

The 13th COA could recieve the Court Record immediately and the cost would only be incurred by the new IT upgrade.

Right now Nueces County is a leader in this technology. There are nano-technology collections of vast amounts of data only for an elite few to use for their own good. Ask around, ask the Judges about the Social Studies and the enormous amounts of personal information being exploited for many agendas other than HOMELAND SECURITY and the DRUG COURT.

So anyways, WATT if I am challenging an incumbent and I want to show the people why I am the best man for JOB. I can refer voters to my record and the opponent can refer the voters to his record as well.

What is the problem with each candidate referring the voters to browse their accomplishments?

This is a good thing!

Many other facets of this future courthouse to be in Nueces County.